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Weekly Wrap: October 19, 2012

Weekly Wrap Image This week’s Weekly Wrap is a special EECI conference edition. On Sunday, almost 200 people converged on Horseshoe Bay, Texas (outside of Austin) and its beautiful hill country surroundings. The main conference took place on Monday and Tuesday and each day was filled with talks and presentations from the community. There were two tracks: main and developer. Throughout both days attendees had to make a tough choice between talks in the same time slot. I know I missed some I wanted to see. If anything, that’s a sign of a conference filled with great content.

It was great to see everyone again and meet a bunch of new people, too. When and where the next EECI will be we don’t know but I’m sure someone will step up to keep an annual EE conference going.

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This week’s wrap is all below in a quick 3 ½ minute video created and written by Kyle Cotter. Enjoy and see you next week!

Ryan Irelan: The Greatest Show on Earth

Christopher Imrie: ExpressionEngine & the Web Agency

Brian Litzinger: The Anatomy of a 5000 hour project

Ryan Battles: 404 Page Strategies with ExpressionEngine

Ben Croker: With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

Aimee Shiree Romero: The Power & Pitfalls of Digital Strategy - How to Focus on the Best and Forget the Rest

No slides.

Carl Crawley: Bootstrapping EE

Noah Stokes

No slides.

Developers Roundtable

Brad Parscale: The Business of ExpressionEngine

No slides.

Brian James Hill: Scaling ExpressionEngine

No slides.

Blake Walters: Practical Tips For Writing Custom Plugins

Matt Weinberg: Extending Add-ons - How to make popular add-ons even more powerful.

No slides.

Lowell Kitchen: Hacking ExpressionEngine - The good, the bad{ass}, and the ugly.

Patrick Pohler: Enhancing your EE Add-ons with Knockout.js

No slides.

Carl Smith: The Psychology of Distributed Teams

Lodewijk Schutte: So, you wanna build an add-on…

No slides.

Lea Alcantara & Emily Lewis

Posted on Oct 19, 2012 by Ryan Irelan

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