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Posted on Dec 02, 2009 by Ryan Irelan

Filed Under: ExpressionEngine 2

Kyle Cotter10:06 on 12.02.2009

oh yeah 2 hour EE help chat on this very topic :D

Christian10:53 on 12.02.2009

Would you actually pay for a public beta?

Kyle Cotter10:55 on 12.02.2009

Heck yeah! It’s Expression Engine, the #1 thing in the world! And besides 2.1 is a free update. So yeah!

Amy Stoddard14:22 on 12.02.2009

Just downloaded the full public beta to install as a demo…but the install directions say to change the “system” path in /index.php…uh, the file is encrypted.  Did i miss something?

Amy Stoddard14:27 on 12.02.2009

Sorry about that, Ryan. That install comment really should’ve gone in the forums.

accessoires xbox 36018:19 on 12.08.2009

It will be sad if the license structure will seal the future of EE as I would love to see more choice and more viable alternatives to WordPress. I secretly hoped that EE2.0 would become open source like other platforms. Thank you for posting snapshot here!