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Reusable Form Templates with ProForm

Editor Note: In this how-to article, ProForm developer Isaac Raway shows how to create reusable form templates with his ProForm module.

One of the features of ProForm is the ability to create a single template capable of rendering any form that is designed in the module. Creating a reusable form template is simple and it can provide the same consistent UI to all of your forms, reducing the amount of work it takes to create a new form.


The basic goals for this setup is to be as flexible as possible. To this end, the essential design for this system is intended to allow multiple ways of using the same base template:

  1. As a full form URL - this allows us to simply link to forms that have been created in ProForm, without having to hook up anything else
  2. As an embedded template - allows placing the form inside of another custom template that might also do other things

Let’s get started.

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