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Your Weekly Devot:ee - March 22, 2012


  • Entry Directories (for EE2) by koivi
    Within selected channels, creates a directory for each entry based on a field value inside a parent directory.
  • Disable Template Editor (EE1) (for EE1) by CueBit
    Disables the EE1 template editor for users to control templates via source control. This prevents users from creating out of sync issues between the server and repo.
  • Pitch No Code (for EE2) by Ben Lilley
    A really simple EE2 plugin that will remove HTML, CSS, JS, PHP from whatever content you give it. Useful if you want to strip formatting from fields on the front-end.
  • Rename Publish Tabs (for EE2) by Nuno Albuquerque
    This accessory allows renaming of tabs in publish entry screens.

Posted on Mar 22, 2012 by Ryan Masuga

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