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Your Weekly devot:ee - July 11, 2013


  • Twitter Recent Tweets by Laurentiu Iovan
    Built on the new oauth Twitter API v1.1, it pulls the most recent tweets for any given Twitter account.
  • PostmarkEE by rkingon
    Replaces system emails with Postmark, rather then using SMTP or PHPMail. Simply enter your postmark API credentials and start sending reliable emails! Future release may include queue system / CRON feature. Requires EE 2.5.0 + (uses hook: email_send)
  • Henshu (Zenbu Edit) ($) by Nicolas Bottari
    Henshu (a.k.a. Zenbu Edit) is an add-on that allows you to edit entry data, including custom fields, directly from Zenbu or the native CP Channel Entries listing, without ever opening the entry form.
  • Crumb Brulee ($) by Masuga Design
    Crumb Brulee is an easy to use solution to manage your breadcrumbs. Install the module, set up your look, and add the template tag. Your breadcrumbs are highly customizable via a number of parameters ensuring this is simply the best, most flexible breadcrumb add-on for ExpressionEngine.
  • Member Group Assigner ($) by sixthsense
    Dynamically allow users to select the member group of their choice on registration. Member Group Assigner supports Expressionengine default member registration and is fully compatible with any other standalone member registration form. It also supports Auto Logon of a user upon account activation through email and auto redirection to homepage upon activation.
  • JW Pages URI by Jeremy Worboys
    Adds the functionality of Title URL to Pages URI.

Posted on Jul 11, 2013 by Ryan Masuga

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