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Your Weekly Devot:ee - January 6, 2012


  • ALT MultiField (for EE2) by Utilitarienne (Adrienne L. Travis)
    This fieldtype allows you to create grouped blocks of data. It’s great for addresses, biographical information, and anything else that needs to be a group of separate-but-associated fields. You can also style an invididual instance of the fieldtype on the Publish screen, for more versatility.
  • Reggy ($, for EE2) by Randy Brown
    Reggy is a simple, yet flexible events registration module.  Create any type of event.  Users easily register/unregister themselves from events.
  • Evo CareerJet ($, for EE2) by EEvolution
    Build an job site by integrating with the CareerJet API, and start earning revenue in no time at all.
  • PDFcrowd ($, for EE2) by Percipio
    Create PDF’s quickly and easily using the PDFcrowd API. You can now simply export your HTML direct to PDF - great for printing invoices / receipts / case studies etc.
  • BMS URL Change (for EE2) by Ben Martin
    Ever wanted to change the pagination segment in your URLs from P# to a page number? This plugin makes it a breeze.
  • URL Decode (for EE2) by Ahmad Saad
    The URL Decode plugin urldecode your Url format string to make it readable string.

Posted on Jan 06, 2012 by Ryan Masuga

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