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Your Weekly Devot:ee - February 16, 2012


This week we’re sorry to have to say that the Reggy add-on has been discontinued. If you have a moment, please read my eulogy for an add-on that was taken from us too soon (see bottom of the reggy page).

  • moreEvents ($, for EE2) by moresoda
    moreEvents is an event management module that incorporates a full suite of template tags to allow you to build the event and checkout system that you need. Includes payment processing, data export, per event custom fields and more.
  • Automat:ee Developer ($, for EE2) by mithra62 (Eric Lamb)
    Automat:ee is an interface to automate your ExpressionEngine site. With the Automat:ee Developer license developers can install Automat:ee an unlimited number of times on an unlimited number of servers.
  • URL Helper (for EE2) by Brian Litzinger
    URL Helper is the combination of a couple of popular plugins/extensions, plus some extra goodness thrown in for good measure. It parses the URL and creates a slew of global variables to use in your templates.

Posted on Feb 16, 2012 by Ryan Masuga

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