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Your Weekly Devot:ee - December 15, 2011


  • PathFinder ($, for EE1) by Jesse McCarthy
    Configure ExpressionEngine to automatically perform an HTTP 301 redirect when the URL slug (url_title) for an entry is changed.
  • GWcode HasChildren (for EE2) by Leon Dijk (GWcode)
    This light-weight plugin allows you to check if a category has child categories and then use the result in a conditional. You could for example show some content when a category has child categories and some other content when it doesn’t.
  • AJ Language ($, for EE2) by Andrew Jones
    Language module with one click installs for languages, dynamically load variables based on currently selected language, and output language switcher
  • Required Expiry Date ($, for EE2) by Laisvunas
    Allows you to make expiry date required for selected channels.


Posted on Dec 15, 2011 by Ryan Masuga

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