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Your Weekly Devot:ee - April 26, 2012


  • Code Pack (for EE1 & EE2) by Solspace
    The Code Pack module’s purpose is to install preconfigured ExpressionEngine data into a website. This could be anything from pre-coded templates to sample channel entries to preconfigured member account. This module allows anyone to create packages of sample data, and works great as a supplimental help resource for addons by loading a fully functioning set of data.
  • Nice Time (for EE2) by Pv Ledoux
    This plugin converts a date in relative time. It will output ‘now’ if the date given is less then 5 seconds ago, ‘xx unit ago’ will be outputted for longer intervals (where unit will be seconds, minutes, hours, days or weeks). If the date is greater than 4 weeks, it will return the full date formatted with the parameter format.
  • Markdown Field (for EE2) by Fideloper
    This is a Markdown custom field for ExpressionEngine. It updates as you type!
  • Trigger (for EE2) by Parse19
    Rapid site development tool for ExpressionEngine 2.
  • MC Plain (for EE1 & EE2) by Michael Cohen (ProImage)
    This plugin allows you to bypass EE’s forced javascript obfuscation of email addresses in member profile fields.
  • Minimalist ($, for EE2) by Seamus Holman
    Minimalist is a completely overhauled look and feel for the ExpressionEngine control panel. Everything has been stripped down to it’s bare essentials, designed to help optimize the experience of managing and creating content.
  • Devot:ee Monitor (for EE2) by Masuga Design
    The devot:ee add-on keeps you up-to-date on what add-ons are out-of-date on your ExpressionEngine sites.
  • Single Entry ($, for EE2) by Viget Labs
    Have you ever had a channel in an ExpressionEngine installation that required its own set of custom fields, but only needed one entry? Perhaps a homepage or an “About Us” section that needed its own custom content but wasn’t a traditional list of posts? Single Entry can help. With a few simple settings, your control panel can be set up to easily create and edit these posts without the risk of adding new and unnecessary entries to these channels.
  • VZ Average (for EE2) by Eli Van Zoeren
    VZ Average is a flexible and minimal framework for rating or tallying anything in EE that you can identify with an ID: a channel entry, a comment, a Matrix row, or anything else. A few possible uses for it include: star ratings, thumbs up/down ratings, flagging comments as offensive, voting on entries, etc.
  • CE Cache Breaker for Low Variables (for EE2) by Matt Fordham
    This simple ExpressionEngine extension will break any CE Cache item tagged with the tag “low_variables”

Posted on Apr 26, 2012 by Ryan Masuga

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