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Your Weekly Devot:ee - April 19, 2012


  • Link Vault ($, for EE2) by Masuga Design
    Link Vault allows you to protect your local and remote download links, track all downloads, track and block leech attempts and disguise any other link URLs you’d like to protect. There are also hooks available so you can extend Link Vault’s functionality.
  • Nolan (for EE2) by iain
    Nolan enables a very simple matrix style field within a Pixel & Tonic Matrix field
  • Evo Google Weather ($, for EE2) by EEvolution
    Display weather updates on your ExpressionEngine templates from the Google weather API.
  • Sight (for EE2) by Electric Putty
    Sight is a plugin for enabling/switching between certain accessibility CSS file options.
  • String Injector ($, for EE2) by KMD
    Ever wanted to add a <br> only after the first word in a text string ? Or ever wanted to split a text by 2 <p> with different classes ?

Posted on Apr 19, 2012 by Ryan Masuga

Filed Under: Weekly Devot:ee

Brendan Underwood22:11 on 04.19.2012

There’s also a free plugin for Google Weather that I’ve used on a website recently:

Allows you to specify language too which is important because Googles Weather API isn’t quite up with which countries need to display F vs C temperatures. It thinks that Australia uses F, where we use C. We had to specify en-GB as the language, which doesn’t look like it’s possible with ‘Evo Google Weather’.