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Your Weekly Devot:ee - December 29, 2011


Hope everyone is having a happy and safe holiday season. See you 2012!

  • Project Cerberus (for EE1 & EE2) by Greg Salt (Purple Dogfish)
    Project Cerberus is an antispam webservice specifically targeting ExpressionEngine member profile spam.
  • Increment (for EE2) by Pv Ledoux
    This plugin auto-increments itself on each call.
  • TextTrimmer ($, for EE2) by Biber Ltd. (Can Berkol)
    This plugin is used to trim text based on given options.
  • Member Activation Redirect (for EE2) by Yuri Salimovskiy (IntoEEtive)
    This extensions redirects ExpressionEngine user to specific page (“welcome page”) after he clicks link in registration confirmation email (and also optionally performs login).

Posted on Dec 29, 2011 by Ryan Masuga

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Your Weekly Devot:ee - December 23, 2011


  • RSS Aggregator (for EE2) by Jason Pancake (Flapjack Labs)
    Allows web developers and site administrator to easily combine multiple RSS feeds into one feed and sort that feed by publish date or title.
  • Many Assets (for EE2) by John D. Wells
    Retrieve P&T Assets from across many entries, and/or across many custom fields.
  • Google Reader (for EE2) by Curtis Herbert
    Allows you to display your google starred, shared, and unread items.
  • Ordinal Suffix (for EE2) by mcka
    Adds ordinal suffixes to numbers (i.e. 1st, 2nd, 3rd)

Posted on Dec 23, 2011 by Ryan Masuga

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EE Podcast: 2011 Year in Review

For our last podcast of 2011, we look back on the past year and discuss the news and events that affected the EE community. In this extra-long episode, we also pick our favorite add-ons for the year, and mention our favorite episodes since our re-launch. And for you last-minute holiday shoppers, we’ve got suggestions for geek gifts!

Many thanks to EE Insider, as it was a great resource to help compile some of the notable moments for 2011!

Happy holidays! We’ll see you next year!

Posted on Dec 22, 2011 by CTRL+CLICK CAST

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Preview of Striper E-commerce Module

Today, Jack McDade (Lobster War Machine and Structure) posted a sneak preview of his new module Striper. I know what you’re thinking because I was, too. Jack has been rocking out to some 80s glam rock. But that’s not the case at all. Jack has been working on a simpler e-commerce module that has more features than the Simple Commerce Module but not as much as other tools like Cartthrob or BrilliantRetail.

I haven’t played with the module myself yet but judging from the video this looks very nice. I’m looking forward to trying it out.

Posted on Dec 21, 2011 by Ryan Irelan

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Devot:ee Awards Announced

Today, Devot:ee announced the annual “AcademEE” awards and the winners named in a handful of categories. Devot:ee intern Jacob Russell wrote up a short blog post about the awards:

2011 has been another great year for add-ons in the ExpressionEngine community, as developers around the world continue to write great code for the benefit of all of us. We’re happy to see a mix of add-ons by established developers and a lot of ‘new blood’ creating awesome add-ons.

Developer of the Year was awarded to Rob Sanchez who works for Barrett Newton and Big Mighty Robot. Better Workflow by Electric Putty was named Extension of the Year. Read the entire list of add-ons and you might find one that you haven’t used yet.

Congrats to the winners!

Posted on Dec 20, 2011 by Ryan Irelan

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Bay County Florida Web Pros Learn EE

EllisLab Product Evangelist Marcus Neto will be presenting at the January meeting of the Bay County Florida Web Pros to talk to them about ExpressionEngine.

Learn how you can use EE to build dynamic websites without knowing how to program! Marcus Neto (@marcusneto) is driving here from Alabama to introduce us to this awesome content management system. He’s the Director of Enterprise Services at EllisLab (they created Expression Engine).

On the surface this may not seem like a big deal. But members of local web professional groups like the one Marcus is visiting would probably (and surely already do) choose tools like WordPress instead of ExpressionEngine. I see it as an important step to help grow the community and number of people that use ExpressionEngine. If it were up to me, Marcus would spend 2012 on an airplane (sorry, Marcus), traveling to speak and evangelize at dozens of web meetups across the country (and world). Only so many people follow the #eecms hashtag or search around for alternatives.

Posted on Dec 20, 2011 by Ryan Irelan

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One-Click Delete and Ban Snippet

EllisLab alum and web developer Derek Allard shared a snippet he uses to have a “delete and ban” link next to comments on the front end of his site. When he gets a spam comment he can easily dispose of the problem and ban the user.

When spammers do sneak comments through my blog, I have a very simple one click* snippet to ban them similar to the way the EE forum’s “ban member” option works. Essentially, beside every comment, I have a “delete & ban” link. This saves me needing to fire up my control panel, and navigate to the proper place. It just saves a bit of clicking around.

The snippet is similar to other code you may have used before that code direct links to the Control Panel in your template and use the entry_id variable to point to the proper entry or comment.

Read Derek’s post for the code and details.

Posted on Dec 20, 2011 by Ryan Irelan

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Your Weekly Devot:ee - December 15, 2011


  • PathFinder ($, for EE1) by Jesse McCarthy
    Configure ExpressionEngine to automatically perform an HTTP 301 redirect when the URL slug (url_title) for an entry is changed.
  • GWcode HasChildren (for EE2) by Leon Dijk (GWcode)
    This light-weight plugin allows you to check if a category has child categories and then use the result in a conditional. You could for example show some content when a category has child categories and some other content when it doesn’t.
  • AJ Language ($, for EE2) by Andrew Jones
    Language module with one click installs for languages, dynamically load variables based on currently selected language, and output language switcher
  • Required Expiry Date ($, for EE2) by Laisvunas
    Allows you to make expiry date required for selected channels.


Posted on Dec 15, 2011 by Ryan Masuga

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Add-on Bundle from intoEEtive

Speaking of add-on sales…

Yuri at intoEEtive is offering a bundle sale of his add-ons for $99. This includes 11 add-ons like Threaded Comments, rEEservation, and Member Categories.

The sale is only good until the end of the month, so if you’re a regular user of Yuri’s add-ons, this a good time to save a little cash.

Posted on Dec 14, 2011 by Ryan Irelan

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An Event Apart Talk Notes

Tomorrow, the final An Event Apart of the year wraps up and leaves behind some amazing talks. I attended the conference in October in Washington, D.C. and, as expected, I was treated to some passionate individuals sharing great information.

If you haven’t attended the conference this year, one of the best places to go for conference talk notes is Luke Wroblewski’s website. Luke speaks at many AEAs and takes compact, thoughtful (and bullet-listed) notes on the other talks.

In his archives, you can see all of the AEA notes he’s written. Go through, find your favorite topics and then read through the notes.

Posted on Dec 13, 2011 by Ryan Irelan

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CodeKit Developer Tool

Last week, I posted a video about the LiveReload utility for web developers. Another similar (and more flexible) app available is CodeKit.

Like LiveReload, the app is currently in beta but expected to be available for around $10 on the App Store soon. The beta will expire next week. If you’re interested in trying out another tool like LiveReload, definitely download CodeKit and give it a shot.

Posted on Dec 13, 2011 by Ryan Irelan

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Solspace Sale on Friends and User Modules

The gentlepeople at Solspace are offering a bundle discount on their User Module and Friends Module. They’re calling it Fuser. If you get both of them together you only pay $99, saves you about $70. That’s like two trips to Starbucks.

It’s a logical combination because many of the sites that need the User module also need the Friends module. How do I know this? Other than because of my magical powers, it is because I just helped build a site that used those two modules together. Hand, meet glove.

They say it’s limited time only for the discount, so if you need the bundle you better take advantage.

Disclaimer: Solspace is an advertiser on EE Insider but this is not a paid advertisement.

Posted on Dec 13, 2011 by Ryan Irelan

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Your Weekly Devot:ee - December 8, 2011


We missed last week due to a heavy workload here at the shop, but that means we’re back this week with a ton of add-ons. We’ve also opened up voting for this year’s AcademEE Awards. Please take a second and go vote for those best new add-ons in 2011, as well as the top developer. Voting ends on December 18.

  • AJAX Email ($, for EE1 & EE2) by Laisvunas
    AJAX Email allows you to submit contact form without reloading of the page.
  • Entry Auth Dir (for EE2) by koivi
    Creates directories and uses HTTP authentication to password protect them. The data used to create these directories comes from entries in a configured channel with appropriate fields. If the submitted password field is empty, the extension generates a random password based on settings.
  • Allow More EE Code ($, for EE1 & EE2) by Laisvunas
    This plugin allows ExpressionEngine URL segment variables, fresh variables (EE1.x), snippets (EE2+) and ExpressionEngine’s comments to be used in entries and then parsed in the template. 
  • SSL Check (for EE2) by Yuri Salimovskiy (IntoEEtive)
    Check whether page is accessed over secure (https) connection
  • DT ProForm Select (for EE2) by Jeff Claeson
    A fieldtype for ProForm. Allows you to select from your ProForm Forms. Can be used in a Matrix Fieldtype or as a standalone fieldtype
  • Reflection (for EE2) by Bryant Hughes (The Good Lab)
    Reflection is a fieldtype for ExpressionEngine that provides site admins with a feature heavy code-editor. The editor is powered by Code Mirror and features syntax specific highlighting and color theming options.
  • Snippet Editor ($, for EE2) by Yuri Salimovskiy (IntoEEtive)
    The editor for snippets and global variables that you’ve been waiting for - with revisions saved and code highlighted!
  • BSD SocialEEsta (for EE2) by Blue State Digital
    SocialEEsta adds social buttons to your ExpressionEngine pages with no fuss. It supports Twitter’s Tweet & Follow buttons, Facebook’s Like button, and Google’s +1 button.
  • Search Locator ($, for EE2) by Jason Pancake (Flapjack Labs)
    The search locator module allows site administrators and web developers to easily add a proximity-based search for store and/or dealer locations.
  • Republic Variables (for EE2) by Republic
    View, organize and edit your global variables. Republic Variables is made for multi-language content, but works great for your single language sites too.
  • AJAX Registration ($, for EE1 & EE2) by Laisvunas
    This plugin allows you to display member registration form and forgot password form in ExpressionEngine’s templates and submit them without reloading of the page.
  • Store : Custom Inventory Columns (for EE2) by Percipio
    Got the exp:resso Store? This extension adds the ability to add / remove columns to the Inventory page, including SKU code and Entry Date. Adding the SKU column also allows you to search by SKU code in the keywords box. You can now sort your inventory by SKU & Date too.
  • Sassy-CP (for EE2) by Kyle Cotter (Cotter Web Design)
    An override.css for the ExpressionEngine control panel.
  • EETemplates Override.css (for EE2) by EE Templates
    This is a simple one that just eliminates a lot of the contrasty color and uses mostly grey. Lots of CSS3 gradients and rounded buttons and less images help speed things up. And this is based off of the Corporate Theme.
  • ConditionalTruncHTML (for EE2) by John Morton (SuperGeekery)
    Truncates HTML/Text to the specified number of characters based on the length of another block of text. Does not count characters in HTML-tags, does not cut-off in the middle of tags, closes all open tags.
  • Proxy (for EE2) by Bryant Hughes (The Good Lab)
    Proxy is an EE2.0 Module used to substitute template tags with placeholder data, in order to more efficiently and effectively test your templates. Before Proxy, you likely created a plethora of test entires to test various types of content that could be used in a Channel Field.  The process of creating all these dummy entries was time consuming, confusing, and led to not testing as rigorously as you should have been. Proxy was created to speed up the testing of templates, by allowing the developer to quickly swap in placeholder tag data when the template renders.
  • Undo Gypsy (for EE1) by Brian Litzinger
    This script will first undo Gypsy by creating separate field groups and cloning existing custom fields, migrating data accordingly, then un-installing Gypsy.
  • Social Update ($, for EE2) by Yuri Salimovskiy (IntoEEtive)
    Authomatically send updates to Twitter and Facebook when ExpressionEngine entry is published.
  • Member Email Clean (for EE2) by Carter Digital
    Returns the logged in email address as a straight forward string.
  • CE String ($, for EE2) by Causing Effect (Aaron Waldon)
    CE String is a feature-packed text manipulation tool that will allow you to template your sites smarter and faster. The syntax is revolutionary, and there are over 60 method options to help you code with power and efficiency. After using this add-on, you won’t want to go back to “the old way” of coding ExpressionEngine templates.
  • CE Cache ($, for EE2) by Causing Effect (Aaron Waldon)
    CE Cache allows you to store and retrieve parts of your templates (fragment caching) with file-based caching, database, APC, Memcache or Memcached. Since much of the heavy lifting doesn’t have to be run on every page-load, your performance increases can be astonishing. You can also escape any parts of your cached code, so they remain dynamic (like logged_in conditionals for example). This enables you to enjoy the speed increases without sacrificing usability or functionality where you need it.

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EE Podcast: EE1 to EE2 with Ryan Masuga

With EE 1 finally being phased out, it’s become more imperative to upgrade your legacy EE installs to the latest EE2 branch. Now, on Episode 58: EE1 to EE2 of the podcast, Ryan Masuga goes through the details of his journey to upgrade his client sites to EE2: should we even upgrade? Should we consider a clean install with imports instead? What should we look out for? Tune in and find out!

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EE Help Chat Tonight at 9PM EST

Each week a group of EE users gathers together in a (not at all) secret chat room to help each other with EE issues, problems and questions. There is also a lot of general discussion about ExpressionEngine, web design and development.

Here’s the thing: you’re invited, too. Won’t you join us?

The chat starts at 9 PM EST in the US. Go here to join us:

Posted on Dec 07, 2011 by Ryan Irelan

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