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WooThemes Offering EE 2.0 Themes

Theme creator and retailer WooThemes have announced the availability of themes for ExpressionEngine. They’re calling them “WeeThemes” and there are now three available for ExpressionEngine 2.0: Bueno, Coffee Break and Fresh News.


The cost of the themes are $90 and $180 depending on which license you select. The more expensive option is a multi-site license and includes the PSD files.

Read their announcement: Welcome to WeeThemes

(Thanks to Omkar Nalamwar for the tip via email.)

Posted on Jan 14, 2010 by Ryan Irelan

Filed Under: News

bjorn00:25 on 01.15.2010

hey, thanks for the mention Ryan! grin

Emmanuel10:36 on 01.15.2010

‘Bueno’ even appears to be free…but is quite not as polished as ‘Blog-ee’ which is available for nothing from Marcus N. (

OK, OK, ‘Bueno’ is EE 2.0 ready…but EE 1.6.8 is far from being obsolete regarding usability and stability, so ‘Blog-ee’  (or the other themes from Marcus which are available for a few bucks) is a very good start pending the arrival of EE 2.1.

Another personal thought : these themes are very very “WordPress-like” (you know, this “widget” stuff…) and that isn’t a good showcase of EE capabilities.

Interesting addition to the EE community anyway.

bjorn22:27 on 01.15.2010

Emmanuel; thanks for your input - what I want to emphazie and something we’ve obviously not done a good enough job on promoting is this; these are not merely just themes, they are developer packages; starting points for awesome websites built on EE. They contain a bunch of custom written modules to help your client customize their website after you’ve delivered it. And a control panel. I’ll explain more about it later when I get a minute..

kamwing18:51 on 01.17.2010

still love EE1.6 administrator theme

Emmanuel19:57 on 01.17.2010

Yes, and you can even get a (big) flavor of EE 2.0 CP theme in EE 1.6 thanks to  Been using this theme for weeks and it is flawless.

tzInsider07:43 on 01.19.2010

As mentioned Bueno is free download, the cost is for support… hmmm sounds familiar. Support is a good thing.