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Win an ExpressionEngine Book or T-shirt

The printed copies of my ExpressionEngine book started arriving this past week for those who ordered early. To celebrate the final publication of the book, I want to run a couple of giveaways.

Own the book, win a shirt

Ryan Irelan reading his ExpressionEngine bookIf you own a paper copy of the book, you can win a free EE Code t-shirt. The syntactically correct t-shirts blast your nerd beacon to the outside world.

So, how do you win? Take a photo of yourself with my book, ExpressionEngine 2: A Quick-Start Guide and link to it on Twitter with a link to the book site. Something like this:

I’m having fun learning ExpressionEngine with #eequickstartguide

Both the image (use a service like Twitpic or post the image elsewhere and link to it) and URL are required to win a free t-shirt. The hash tag (#eequickstartguide) isn’t required but will make it easier for me to find your submission!

I will pick the best and most creative photos but plan to award as many t-shirt as possible. However, this giveaway will be limited because I don’t have an unlimited supply of shirts. Also, available shirt sizes are also limited. If chosen, I’ll contact you via Twitter and request your mailing information.

Let’s see your photos!

Win a Free Copy of EE Quick-Start Guide & T-shirt

I also want to give away a copy of my book along with a free EE Code T-shirt. Entering to win is simple: submit your name and email address into this form to sign up for email updates about EE Insider and related information (books, screencasts, training classes, meetups, free stuff). That’s it!

On April 2nd I will randomly choose on person from the email list and they win a free print copy of the EE Quick-Start Guide! Good luck!

Posted on Mar 24, 2010 by Ryan Irelan

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