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Should #eecms default to a dash rather than an underscore. Thoughts, @EllisLab?

Erik Reagan via Twitter

I always switch to dashes first thing, so I definitely think it should be the default. The above-linked video from Google only reinforces that.

Posted on Aug 17, 2011 by Ryan Irelan

Filed Under: What They're Saying About EE

Erik Reagan10:25 on 08.17.2011

We’ve always changed that as well. It’s one of our default config overrides that goes into each new site.

For what it’s worth, Wes, one of the EllisLab devs, said he would ask the team and see where it goes from there. (


Jeremiah Calvino18:09 on 08.17.2011

I concur, one less thing to have to override and it would make EE more SEO friendly out of the box.

GDmac04:16 on 08.18.2011

IMO this isn’t a single “use dashes or underscore” question. It depends on the particular url-title at hand. i do like dashes as default, but educate your editors and users when a underscore might be handy.

For instance, try a google search for java_script and java-script and see the differences.

Christopher Beckwith11:51 on 08.18.2011

Google says you should be using dashes. Dashes separate words underscores join them:

As such there is no reason to leave the default to underscores, other than it’s always been that way and EllisLabs doesn’t want to change it.