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ExpressionEngine is the most finicky CMS I’ve ever used. I’m not sure how they get people to pay for it.

Tristan Waddington via Twitter

It’s a conspiracy!

Posted on Sep 08, 2010 by Ryan Irelan

Filed Under: What They're Saying About EE

Christopher L. Jorgensen17:33 on 09.08.2010

I think he’s talking about the license levels. Commercial, Freelancer, non-commercial, MSM with 3 sites or 9. Upgrade or new. Non-transferable.

Here’s an idea. Split the difference, make one license, and who cares what people do with it.

I’m mostly kidding.

Brendon Carr02:06 on 09.12.2010

The only reason EllisLab even tries to make these different “levels” of license available is to make lower-cost levels available to users. I’m okay with that.

As for me, I’d rather not see EE as a $499 base product.