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The ExpressionEngine Stack Exchange Site Needs You!

The ExpressionEngine Stack Exchange Beta site needs your help!

Robert Cartaino, Director of Community Development for the Stack Exchange Network, stated that the ExpressionEngine Stack Exchange site is not ready for public launch.

The purpose of a private beta is to prepare the site for opening day. But this site needs a lot more participation or I fear it may never get out of private beta. We’ve extend the private-beta of this site, but that’s only a stop-gap measure to give you more time.

The enthusiasm and momentum that was present during the commitment stage seems to have been lost.

But, rest assured, I’m sure we can get it back.

Here are 5 tips for making sure the ExpressionEngine Beta site makes it to a public launch.

  1. Invite fellow experts. For those already in the beta, you have the ability to invite others who don’t have access to the private site. So, if you know of people who aren’t in yet, invite them, and encourage them to ask questions. (If you need an invite, let either myself or Ryan know, and we’ll get you in.)
  2. Tweet your questions with a link to the question on the Stack Exchange site. Most of the ExpressionEngine community is actively on Twitter monitoring the #eecms hashtag. You can take advantage of both Twitter and the Stack Exchange site by Tweeting your question with a link to the question on the Stack Exchange site.
  3. Add your input to the ExpressionEngine Meta site. The ExpressionEngine Meta Site is meant for discussing how to build a successful community around the Stack Exchange site.
  4. Get Involved with the ExpressionEngine Stack Exchange API Spec. Justin Kimbrell has put together an API spec around the Stack Exchange site. As a developer, contributing to this will help create a centralized place for providing support.
  5. Think of the site as a public knowledge base. Patrick Pohler reenforced that this is for the community. The fact that we are building a public knowledge space for others to learn about the system we’ve all come to love should drive us to want to make it awesome.

I really do think the Stack Exchange site can be extremely useful, if we all use it appropriately.

Posted on Nov 20, 2012 by Kyle Cotter

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