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Thank You Advertisers!

EE Insider is fortunate to have and have had the support several companies in our community. These businesses (add-on developers and client services shops) have been around to help keep EE Insider running and to share their products and services with the community.

To be frank, the money earned from advertising helps pay for associated site costs, including the time it takes to maintain the site. In the past I’ve had people help me write for the site and they were paid directly from advertising. I am also looking (in the very near future) to add a new person to the site (paid, part-time position), so stay tuned for that announcement.

In no particular order, I would like to thank the following advertisers:

  • Pixel & Tonic - The longest running advertiser on the site and well-known for the add-ons Assets, Playa, Matrix and Wygwam. They make some of the hottest add-ons for ExpressionEngine.
  • Solspace - By far, Solspace has the largest catalog of EE add-ons and is one of the original add-on developers. When an add-on comes from Solspace, you can trust that it’s going to work and that you’ll get the support you need. Their Rating module allows you to easily add rating functionality to your website.
  • Vector Media Group - Based in New York City, they are not only experts (and leaders) on ExpressionEngine, they are also experts in SEO. Matt and Lee at Vector Media Group are a valuable part of our community.
  • Structure - Travis and Jack have built and supported the easiest way to allow your clients to manage pages (with hierarchy) in ExpressionEngine.

EE Insider is halfway through its third year online and it wouldn’t be possible without the help of our advertisers. Would you like to share your product or service with the community? Get in touch.

Posted on Jul 21, 2011 by Ryan Irelan

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