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Coverage of interesting new EE Add-ons that are released.

Solspace’s Software Compatibility Chart

From their blog post:

Because it seems to happen often enough that ExpressionEngine release cycles significantly affect third party add-on compatibility, we have created an EE compatibility chart on our site that displays a grid of EE support.

If you use Solspace add-ons, bookmark the compatibility chart and then refer to it before each EE upgrade you do.

Smart move by Solspace.

Posted on Mar 13, 2014 by Ryan Irelan

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Yeoman EE Add-on Generator

Yeoman is a web app development workflow that makes it easy to generate scaffolds for dozens of web development technologies.

Rob Sanchez made a Yeoman generator for ExpressionEngine add-ons (a fork of one created for modules) that makes it easy to spin up a new add-on package by just answering some questions.

All it takes is running:

yo ee-addon

to generate a new add-on shell.

Posted on Mar 11, 2014 by Ryan Irelan

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Mountee Breaks in EE 2.8

A popular tool for connecting to EE and editing your templates breaks when running on ExpressionEngine 2.8.

In a follow-up tweet, Mountee links to two EllisLab blog posts detailing the new EE 2.8 features on Sessions, Login Modals, and Secure Forms and Cleaner Control Panel URLs.

The “a lot of work to fix” note isn’t reassuring. Let’s hope they can make it happen.

Posted on Mar 11, 2014 by Ryan Irelan

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Save Abandoned EE Add-ons?

Anna Brown has an interesting idea:

If you can’t do the commercial thing, then maybe just put the add-on up on Github and see if people rally behind it.

Posted on Jan 20, 2014 by Ryan Irelan

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Store 2.2 Released

Freshly released over the weekend, Store 2.2 is out from the fine people at Exp-resso.

The release change you might want to carefully note is that Store 2.2 requires ExpressionEngine 2.7 (and later) now. If you upgrade, ensure you are running that latest version of ExpressionEngine.

I like and use Store. It’s a great e-commerce option for ExpressionEngine.

Read all of the release notes for Store 2.2

Posted on Jan 20, 2014 by Ryan Irelan

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Learn Add-on Development from Low

Next week at the EE conference, Low Schutte is teaching a class on ExpressionEngine add-on development. The course is over two days and totals 8 hours of learning (and hanging out) with Low.

Low is a great teacher and can easily explain and teach the concepts about EE add-on development. If you learn from anyone, make it Low.

Go here to learn about the class and to register.

Posted on Oct 07, 2013 by Ryan Irelan

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Front-end Matrix Using Freeform

Q Digital Studio posted a clever way to create a simple front-end grid for Freeform so you can have Matrix-like functionality on the front-end of your site.

Be sure to check out the demo.

Posted on Oct 04, 2013 by Ryan Irelan

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Store 2.0 Now Available

Our friends at Expresso recently released Store 2.0, a big update to their popular e-commerce add-on for ExpressionEngine.

The new version is built on top of the open source OmniPay library and features improvements to shipping, discounts and taxes. The update is paid, at $199 for existing customers, and available now. To get the upgrade just log in to your account.

I have not yet used Store 2.0 but I’ve been using Store 1.x for more than a year to run all of store functions at Mijingo. It has flawlessly handled running my store and sending purchases through and PayPal. I’d like better reporting out of the box (hoping for some improvements in 2.0) but for a basic package I couldn’t be happier. I am planning to update to Store 2.0 in the near future.

Store 2.0 is available now.

Posted on Oct 04, 2013 by Ryan Irelan

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Low Moves Add-on Sales to Devot-ee

Low Schutte (maker of the great Low Variables add-on plus many more) made the move to exclusively selling on Devot-ee last week.

I thought it was a nice idea: sell my stuff on my own site in euros, sell on devot:ee in US dollars. Link back and forth so people can choose in what currency they’d like to purchase licenses. However, it became apparent that most of my customers preferred devot:ee over my own site. The convenience of having all their purchases in one place proved to be a big plus.

In addition to convienence, Low also noted tax issues (because of the VAT–value added tax–in EU countries) that made it difficult to continue to sell in two different places. Selling exclusively on Devot-ee made things simpler for him.

There are a lot of reasons to shop at Devot-ee, the main ones for me being keeping all of my licenses in one spot and the ability to transfer licenses to other accounts (to a client’s account, typically).

Many add-on developers already sell exclusively through Devot-ee because it makes the process of setting up shop and selling add-ons turnkey and simple. Some sell both on their own sites and on Devot-ee as a way to make it as convenient as possible for their customers to access their add-ons.

[Earlier this year EE add-on juggernaut Pixel & Tonic started selling exclusively through Devot-ee] as a way to refocus the website and put the add-ons for sale where it made most sense.

From Brandon’s post back in April:

Back when the site launched, devot:ee was in its infancy, and its add-on store was merely a twinkle in Ryan Masuga’s eye. Now that site is a vital resource for the EE community, and with its user reviews, favorites, store, and now lists, it’s a much better place to find out about, share, and purchase our add-ons than this site could ever be. So rather than try to compete with that, we have decided to let devot:ee handle the dedicated add-on overview pages and purchasing exclusively. The EE add-ons section of this site is now an elegant menu of our add-ons, with links to devot:ee.

Devot-ee has proven itself as the place to be to buy, sell, and learn about add-ons for ExpressionEngine. People are buying there, so the developers who sold on their own are moving there. It makes sense for everyone.

It would be incomplete if I didn’t mention the obvious comparison between Devot-ee and the Apple App Store (for Mac apps, specifically). Many apps in the App Store are available on the developer websites but it is absolutely more convenient to have all of those apps in one place, right in my Apple account. I don’t have to worry about license codes, activation, going to multiple places to get app updates, or any of the annoyances of having my software purchases distributed across several different websites.

If a add-on is available on Devot-ee then that’s where I’ll buy it.

I have said it before: Ryan Masuga and his team built a website that I wish I had built. And I’d wager that EllisLab wishes they had built it, too.

Posted on Sep 01, 2013 by Ryan Irelan

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New Add-on: Red Carrot Notes

If there’s an itch, you scratch it. Andie Fairlie (Red Carrot) did just that.

He came up with Red Carrot Notes, an ExpressionEngine field type that lets you put dividers (with copy) between fields in an ExpressionEngine publish form.

There are three options for each field divider: title, description, and color, so you can customize it exactly how you want. On Twitter, Andie mentioned that the field functions just like any other field, so you should be able to resize it, reorder it, etc.

The add-on is free and available now on Devot-ee.

Posted on Sep 01, 2013 by Ryan Irelan

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Solspace Revamps Support

How add-on developers do support has always been different depending on the developer. Some use forums (like EllisLab did before switching to private tickets), other use just email, and some use other services like Get Satisfaction or the Devot:ee developer support forums.

Solspace has always used forums to handle their customer support and they’ve realized that it is no longer the right solution for them.

In 2007, we chose to run with a discussion forum style approach for providing support, and it’s been running that way to this day. I think it’s very fair to say that this approach didn’t scale well, and we’re a little behind today on how we provide support.

What’s the new way?

As of today, we are no longer providing support through the Solspace support forums (we’ll continue to finish up assisting customers with open issues, and the forums will continue to be publicly available as read-only). Instead, we’re embracing the ExpressionEngine® Answers site as the official site for posting “how-to” questions you may have regarding Solspace software. We will be actively engaging in the ExpressionEngine® Answers site and assist customers where we can.

In addition to answering help questions at Stack Exchange (ExpressionEngine Answers), Solspace also made available private support tickets that you can open if you are encountering a bug or issue with their software. If you are asking about implementation suggestions or questions, sometimes the fastest way may be to post to Stack Exchange and others in the community can help you, too.

Read the full Solspace announcement for all of the details.

Posted on Aug 19, 2013 by Ryan Irelan

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New Add-on: Mustash by Mark Croxton

Mark Croxton is back. Well, he didn’t ever go anywhere, I guess. But he’s back with another tool (for a total of 10 add-ons available).

This time it’s Mustash, an add-on that gives you a powerful control panel interface for “managing cached Stash variables, bundles and cache-breaking rules.”

Mark gave us a great thing with Stash. Now you can buy Mustash and have an easier time managing everything related to Stash. Also, it’s a nice way to thank Mark for his amazing work so far.

Mustash is $65 and available at Devot-ee.

Posted on Aug 13, 2013 by Ryan Irelan

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EllisLab Gives Closer Look at Grid

Back in June EllisLab lifted the curtain on Grid, a new field type that allows tabular data in a single field. Yes, this is what Pixel & Tonic’s Matrix does. The news of Grid was buried by the odd commentary in their blog post, but they’ve come back with more information.

Last week, EllisLab gave a closer look at Grid, including an example use (baseball player stats) and some code samples.

A Grid field can be configured with multiple columns, each capturing data with any of ExpressionEngine’s existing fieldtypes, including any Grid-compatible third-party fieldtypes. From there, each channel entry can have a dynamic number of rows in the Grid field to suit the needs of that particular entry.

Grid is currently part of the developer preview for EE 2.7 and distributed out to developers to test and adopt. I wrote this before but I expect to see 2.7 drop soon.

Posted on Aug 12, 2013 by Ryan Irelan

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Using JAIL in ExpressionEngine

Aaron Gustafson snapped together a nice plugin to easily implement the jQuery Asynchronous Image Loader (JAIL) in your EE templates. JAIL is a “jQuery plugin that lazy load images making your page load faster.”

Aaron’s JAIL plugin (available for free on Github) is a simple tag pair that “will hunt for any image elements inside the tag pair and convert them to use the JAIL markup pattern.”


You might want to bookmark this. Very handy.

Read Aaron’s write-up about the plugin.

Posted on Jul 25, 2013 by Ryan Irelan

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Wygwam 3 Released

A sizable update to the Pixel & Tonic’s WYSIWYG editor, Wygwam, is out and available. This released features an update to the CKEditor core (it’s what Wygwam is built on), additional third-party compatibility, and an updated UI.

From their blog post about the release:

With each major Wygwam update, we try to simplify the UI as much as possible so that authors can focus on their content without getting distracted by overly-attention-seeking UI chrome. This update is no different. We are extremely happy with how this one came out – it’s truly a joy to use. You and your clients will love it!

The update is free (as in you pay nothing) for all current Wygwam license holders. You can get the update at Devot:ee.

Posted on Jul 25, 2013 by Ryan Irelan

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