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Reactions to Grid and EllisLab

Here are some reactions from Twitter to the EllisLab announcement about Grid and competition:

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Posted on Jun 28, 2013 by Ryan Irelan

Filed Under: EE Add-ons, EllisLab, ExpressionEngine 2

JimInHolland03:42 on 06.29.2013

What Ellis Labs did was fix the most-glaring holes in their platform. Fans of P&T cry foul but they ignore that it was P&T who chose to be a competitor, as is their right. These “covered” elements are the most likely to cause chaos for that platform when the two businesses’s gloves come off - this was needed, and fast.

When 2.7 comes out I’ll check out what they’ve done, but I’ll stick with Brandon’s Matrix until convinced otherwise. I like it’s fine-grain detail and flexibility with field-types, and P&T’s outstanding support, but understand - if Matrix becomes an afterthought product, it’s my business that’s now on the line. I’ll support whoever will best support me.

Tony10:37 on 07.07.2013

I have gone through most of the comments supporting one side or the other side. People need to realize that EE came first before the add-on makers. Second, the people at EE have always been lenient and kind to add-on makers. In fact, past and present top managers at EE went out of their way to support add-on makers and makers of other things EE. Further, nobody on EE side is saying that Pixel & Tonic is not a good add-on maker. Also, nobody on EE side is saying that competition is bad.

One thing people need to realize is that the inventor of the car is also the inventor of the breaks that stop the car. When the inventor conceived and created the car to run as fast as possible, he also conceived and created the breaks to stop the car from running. That some third party can make better, fancy breaks does not mean that EE did not invent the concept of breaks with the original invention. It does not mean that EE cannot make breaks more fancy that the third parties.

To be honest with you, I think EE was slow in responding to this nonsense from some people. Personally, given the unethical and wicked behavior of some of these parasites, I suggest that EE start making supper breaks that will render these other fancy breaks useless to users of EE. There are two ways to accomplish the same thing: 1) build the super breaks into EE core, 2) open up a couple of third party companies to make the supper breaks at cheaper prices compared to the prices of existing parasites/addon-makers.

You see, if they want to compete, then let the prices and market determine their fate. That a market is competitive means the market contains a lot of firms offering similar products and add-ons at different prices.  What is good for the goose in the add-on market should also be good for the gander in the same market.