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Fusion Ads Holiday Bundle

Fusion Ads Bundle

The Fusion Ads network has put together what very well might be the most killer software bundle I’ve seen to date. Not only are there some really great apps for your Mac, but also a full freelancer license of ExpressionEngine. If that’s not enough, you get the entire Learning ExpressionEngine 2 screencast series by our very own Ryan Irelan.

The bundle costs just $79, so if all you care about is EE, it’s still a bargain. Heck, if you use a PC, and thus physically can’t even install the Mac software, you’re getting a deal—you still get some rad icons and the screencasts.

Anyway, I don’t normally get excited about the yearly deluge of software bundles, but this one caught my eye. I highly recommend checking it out.

Posted on Dec 16, 2010 by Brian Warren

Filed Under: Development Tools