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Free EE Class in VA

Zac Gordon is leading a free ExpressionEngine class in Falls Church, VA on June 18, 2011. The class will take place at the offices of Viget Labs and run about 4 hours total (10-3 with a break for lunch).

In this one day workshop you will learn everything you need to know to start building easy to update web sites with ExpressionEngine, often called the most flexible CMS on the market.  We will will start with an HTML5 and CSS3 template for a freelancer portfolio web site and learn how to build it out into a site that you can fully manage from the ExpressionEngine control panel.

The class will cover all of the basics you need to know when getting started with ExpressionEngine. You only need to know the basics of building websites (with HTML and CSS), so any web professional can easily follow along during the class.

There are only 20 seats available, so Zac is taking applications to make sure the seats are filled up with people enthusiastic about being there. Is that you? Learn more and apply to attend.

Posted on May 19, 2011 by Ryan Irelan

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Emmanuel15:05 on 05.19.2011

If anyone can do that in France, i’ll attend wink