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Forecast Page Now Includes “Enterprise Support & Services”

In the Round Up posted last week, there was mention of a new item in the forecast page: “Enterprise Support & Services”. That definitely caught my eye. Here’s the description for it:

We’re working on bringing a specialized ExpressionEngine Enterprise License that provides private support & services to the teams in our community that need those options for their biggest projects. Our initial solution will be very focused, available on a limited basis, and designed to scale effectively.

ExpressionEngine is a unique product in that often it can play at an enterprise level; and, despite how brilliantly you build it, some clients will need support beyond your engagement with them. Options are pretty limited at that point, because either you tell your big league client to just hit the EE forums and they’ll be fine, or hire an EE ninja to do it for them.

This item just hit the forecast page, so I’m not getting my hopes up that we’ll see any big changes to it soon, but I have my eyes peeled.

Do you guys have any thoughts on this? How would enterprise-level support change the way you pitch EE to your potential clients? What would you like to see that support look like?

Posted on Jan 24, 2011 by Brian Warren

Filed Under: EllisLab

Jon11:46 on 01.24.2011

this is long over due. i’m glad they are moving this direction.

Aaron Quinn13:53 on 01.24.2011

Honestly, that would have been great on a project we are just finishing. We really had to rely on our EE network of friends and the pro forums to find some answers to some hard questions for a enterprise level client. Especially since they were leaving an enterprise CMS.

Shawn Maida07:50 on 01.26.2011

I was excited to see this on the forecast page as well and am curious how this will shake out.

I think one thing that has to happen for it to be truly viable for our clients is for the support level to encompass the entire EE site from EE core to 3rd party add-ons.  At the very least “complete” support should be offered as an option.

For us, the service level will need to not only diagnose the problem but offer a solution.  If the standard response is going to be that “it’s an issue with xxxxx add-on contact the developer” then it’s a non starter.

Leslie Camacho13:26 on 02.01.2011

@Shawn - That is one of the trickier items we are dealing with. From your perspective, what would be some acceptable solutions?

Leslie Camacho13:28 on 02.01.2011

@all - I meant to add, we’re watching this comment thread. If there is anything in particular you want to see in terms of Enterprise license/support if it gets said here, it gets reviewed by EllisLab. Thanks!