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ExpressionEngine Addons Launched

Leevi Graham and Newism have launched a new home for all of the LG and NSM add-ons: The site features a lot of the add-ons you’re familiar with from Leevi.

They shared some details about the site with EE Insider:

  • The site is running ExpressionEngine 2.1
  • All of the docs were revised
  • 3 commercial add-ons: NSM Better Meta, NSM Live Look and NSM Replace.
  • Lots of free stuff!
  • Pricing is now in Australian dollars, which gives you a slight discount on Better Meta for EE 2

ExpressionEngine Add-ons

Congrats to Leevi and his team on the launch! Check out the site for yourself: ExpressionEngine Addons

Posted on Jul 14, 2010 by Ryan Irelan

Filed Under: EE Add-ons

Ryan16:40 on 07.14.2010

Misleading name/URL in the world EE add-ons. Unfortunate move and gesture to the rest of the add-on community on Leevi’s part.

need to be anonymous05:25 on 07.16.2010

I agree with that, Ryan. The URL name is misleading. Given Leevi’s already lofty position in the add-on community, it feels hubristic.

Wayde Christie17:44 on 07.16.2010

These comments and others have surprised me.

Newism chose the name and the domain for the keywords - nothing more. Just like we choose the keywords in our page titles. Just like every good web business does.

Was there an implication that Ryan Irelan was being misleading when he released “ExpressionEngine Screencasts”? Was Mike Boyink from Train-ee upset? Did Woo Themes complain about “EE Templates”?

Leevi has poured thousands of hours into the EE addon community and he has more free addons in his catalogue than most. So the implication that he’s being misleading and hubristic is not only surprising, it’s also a bit of a bummer.

Is the implication that Leevi is already so well known, but he’s not satisfied with that so he’s trying to claim the entire addon space for himself? If so, seriously?

Euan02:55 on 07.17.2010

It’s an interesting debate. Cubecart which I have previously used for a site (that we may convert in to EE2 later this year) has been invoking their trademark rights over cubecart and all 3rd party developers/skinners, etc have been forced to remove cubecart from their domain names. I believe most have done so without issue.

David06:21 on 07.19.2010

Sucks that Live Look cost money now.  The support on the old addons sort of sucked, questions on the forums never got answered. Seems like it will be the same with these.

Leevi Graham14:44 on 07.19.2010

@Ryan, @need to be anonymous: The naming choice was never meant to deceive anyone or be “hubristic”.

As Wayde said the name is for SEO reasons. Generic domains have been use for that exact reason for years.

I find it hard to believe that users would see our site and think that there are only 10 addons for EE2 and we are the only providers especially considering Ellislab promotes (and we support) Devot:ee as the official addon repository partner.

@David: The Live Look story is similar to many other popular addons.

I released it for free for the community with little idea of how popular it would be. Turns out many people downloaded it and used it. As a result support went up and therefore the time I needed to invest also went up. The only way I could justify releasing it for EE2 was to charge enough to cover the support.

Regarding support. The ExpressionEngine forums have never been ideal. Derek Jones has expressed this in his latest post: Third Party Add-on Policies for the New Forums

Second, starting today we are no longer allowing third party developers to host or provide technical support for third party add-ons directly on the ExpressionEngine Forums.

I’ve felt this for a long time which is why the new site has a new support form that helps me debug issues quickly. Commercial addons will always receive priority support. I’ve also rewrote the documentation so there are less issues during the install process.

Support is a high priority for the new site.


All things considered I’ve been giving back to the community in the form of free addons and support for many years. Moving in a more commercial direction for some of our addons will allow me to continue to provide these services.

Stephen Lewis23:38 on 07.19.2010

I’m with Leevi on this one; it’s a free market, and good luck to him.

The promotion of Devot-ee to the lofty heights of official third party add-on repository means there’s little chance of confusing Leevi’s catalogue with the full gamut of EE add-ons.

The ExpressionEngine community is fantastic, but sometimes I feel it causes some people to lose sight of some very basic facts. Such as the fact that EE is a commercial venture, both for EllisLab, and for many third party developers.

If I managed to register, the Apple Forums wouldn’t suddenly be filled with people bandying about words such as “hubris”.

Apple has its official App Store, now so does ExpressionEngine. Beyond that, people are free to do what they want to promote their own products.


Anonymous16:26 on 07.21.2010

Apple’s lawyers would sue anyone who tried to register the domain “” because it would be a blatant violation of their trademark. This is a completely different issue.