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EllisLab Releases ExpressionEngine 2.1.3 to Fix Critical Issues

Just five days after 2.1.2 was out, we are now greeted with 2.1.3. It turns out that upgrading to EE 2.1.2 brought some pretty significant issues with the publish form for some people. Lisa posted a brief note about the update on the blog and of course you can consult the change log for details.

The error I saw the most reports of on the forums was about some sort of 500 error showing up on the publish form. If you’re experiencing that, or if you’re just running 2.1.2 at all, I highly recommend updating.

That being said, let me leave you with one public service announcement:
Make sure you back up everything before doing these updates. Using version control of course is one of the best ways, but if you’re crazy enough not to use version control, at least make a full site backup before upgrading. This means the database too! I have my fingers crossed that 2.1.3 is going to fix the issues with 2.1.2, but nobody should ever do an upgrade like this without having a way to roll back to the previous version. Sure, it was EllisLab who dropped the ball in letting some bugs slip through their testing, but even when I’m 100% confident a piece of software has been extensively tested in environments just like mine, I still back up everything before doing upgrades.

Posted on Dec 21, 2010 by Brian Warren

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Emmanuel09:03 on 12.21.2010

I figure you’re the last one to be “100% confident [this update] has been extensively tested”. You know, the guy alone on the ship shouting “Don’t leave, we aren’t sinking”...

Aren’t we ?

Brian Warren09:07 on 12.21.2010

Great point Emmanuel. I updated the wording to be a bit more general, as was my intent. I meant to say that any time I’m updating any software, even if I know it’s been extensively tested, I make sure I have a backup of my data.

John09:21 on 12.21.2010

I always always always do full database and file backups before any update, but I don’t use version control on my live site. (My local dev site has basic version control thanks to Dropbox.)

Can you reference a good article on EE + GIT on a live site?

Philip10:17 on 12.21.2010


Here is a good resource.

John11:33 on 12.21.2010


That’s EXACTLY what I needed. I’m reading a GIT manual right now and this helps me really see it in practice. (I learn better that way.)

Thank you for the link.

Philip11:39 on 12.21.2010


One more thing… if you are on a mac, be sure to check out