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Ellis Lab Hires Marketing Firm

EllisLab has hired Paramore|Redd, an online marketing firm out of Nashville, TN, to help with their marketing efforts. Leslie Doherty will be heading up things from the EllisLab end as Marketing Director. I’m assuming she retains her role as “Community Architect” in job description, if not some sort of alternate job title.

People have criticized EllisLab for not getting their name out more, and I know they’ve said they want to as well; so this move hopefully addresses that. Then again, I’ve already seen someone criticize this move, saying they should be fixing bugs instead of marketing. Something tells me that in this case, they can walk and chew gum at the same time. After all, they’re not reassigning their developers as the marketing team.

Posted on Feb 01, 2011 by Brian Warren

Filed Under: EllisLab

Steven Grant07:52 on 02.01.2011

It’s good news in my view. The guys at Paramore are EE users so they know the product. They’ll want the community to benefit from better exposure too I guess - that way we all win.

Steven Hambleton08:05 on 02.01.2011

The criticism comes from the angle of a company that has too few resources to grow.

I believe EL have plenty of growth potential and the more exposure they get, the more licences they will sell which means more staff to fix bugs and expand the product.

I hope Paramore|Redd do a great job smile

Kenny Meyers09:31 on 02.01.2011

I think a better criticism is that they have yet to put resources into hiring a product designer, their greatest need.

Christopher Beckwith11:13 on 02.01.2011

Steven is right, more exposure = more sales = more eventual employees. This is a good thing. But as Mr. Meyer’s points out, EllisLabs needs a dedicated Product Designer. In real life, being beautiful just on the inside doesn’t cut it =)

Laisvunas12:37 on 02.01.2011

I thunk that devs which are passionate about EE are the best evangelists of EE. And fixing at least some of the problems in EE2 about which devs complained so much would be the best move in EL marketing.

Nevsie18:10 on 02.01.2011

I think it is more a case of the time spent in meetings discussing this, planning how to get more sales, pushing an unfinished (unpolished maybe be better) product, and a support setup that is already stretched could be better spent.

I am also concerned with the potential growth changing the core market for this system and as such changing the parts that i find so beneficial (self interested i know, but why else would i be here).

I cannot imagine how much more generic EE can be made; to fit a wider market; meaning we have to fork out even more for addons.

Hopefully my sceptical nature will be proven wrong and EE will be finished sometime soon (UI, control panel, bugs, filemanager, etc).

Judd Lyon00:33 on 02.02.2011

Great move, Paramore|Redd is a first-class outfit that knows EE. Smart money says this is a net plus for all of us.

EllisLab seems like they are turning a corner - new devs, more transparent processes, and spending dough on marketing.

The reality is that they are going to alienate a number of early community members as they become more corporate. It’s inevitable. And sad in a way. They can’t be the tool for hobbyists and sell enterprise licenses simultaneously.