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EEUK11 Wrap-up

EEUK2011, Manchester

Last Friday, August 26th, was the first EEUK, which took place in Manchester. The one-day conference, organized by Ian Ebden, featured seven speakers:

  • Carl Crawley
  • Joel Bradbury
  • John Henry Donovan
  • Leslie Flinger
  • Stephen Lewis
  • Lodewijk Schutte
  • Garrett Winder

and almost 75 attendees. Check out the photostream of Flickr for photos of the event.

I’m trying to track down speaker slides and conferences write-ups, so if you’ve seen one or written one, let me knokw so I can share it with everyone.

Conference Notes by Simon Cox

Simox Cox took excellent, detailed notes of the talks and shared them on his blog. Simon also posted his own photos of the event (they’re at the bottom of his post).

Thanks, Simon!

Conference Notes by Rob Allen

Rob also wrote up his experience at the conference and included some photos (the empty cookie trays were a big tell). Thanks, Rob!

101 Ways to Skin a Cat

by Joel Bradbury

Joel spoke on design patterns in ExpressionEngine and posted his slides from his talk. Joel also shared a graph from an informal survey on the add-ons people use in their default builds. Unsurprisingly, the two top spots are occupied by Pixel & Tonic’s Matrix and Playa, respectively.

Structuring Your #eecms Build

by Carl Crawley

Carl talked about “structuring and creating a default ExpressionEngine build.” Ah, yes, an excellent topic. A lot of us already do this but it’s always good to see how someone else handles their default builds. There is always something to learn. A nice tip from Carl’s slides was to move the config files (config.php and database.php) out of the system/config directory and into an assets folder.

Forthcoming are slides on the part of his talk where he covered upgrade scripts.

Going Mobile

by Garrett Winder

Garrett is a font-end developer at Erskine Design. Wait, he’s also a Texan? Come back, Garrett! Okay, I digress.

Garrett gave his talk on “tips, techniques and tactics” for implementing mobile sites with ExpressionEngine. He covered the current state of mobile (the numbers, they don’t lie), what this means and then, finally, how you can use EE to help you, including some nice code tips for configuring your EE install to support a mobile site.

Garrett did a short recap and posted his slides on his website.

I’ll update this post as more slides and talks are posted.

Update: See Ian’s wrap-up on the conference he planned.

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Steven Grant10:49 on 08.29.2011

Garrett’s slides are here