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EECI 2010 is this week.

Speaking of conferences…

EECI 2010 in Leiden, The Netherlands takes place this week from Wednesday to Friday.

The conference gets underway while most of us in the US are still sleeping but here’s the schedule for Day 1:

  • Stephen Lewis: Add-on Development Grows Up: Pain-Free Unit Testing in ExpressionEngine
  • Leevi Graham: - a case study in selling, supporting and marketing third party software.
  • Greg Wood: Editorial design on the web
  • Ryan Masuga: Let’s Git It On: Version Control for ExpressionEngine with Git
  • Wil Linssen: Safe Sex with Git
  • Joel Bradbury: Tuning your Engine
  • Jonathan Longnecker: Customizing EE 2’s Publish Area

Day 2 has a lot more great talks scheduled. The third day is dubbed “DevDay” and is a 12-hour event where attendees can “learn how to successfully design, build and market ExpressionEngine and CodeIgniter driven websites and webapps.”

I’m not in attendance for this installment of EECI but EE Insider will still try to bring you as much coverage as possible. Have photos, feedback or information from EECI? Get in touch.

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Posted on Sep 28, 2010 by Ryan Irelan

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