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EECI 2010 in Leiden Announced

The next iteration of the EECI conference was announced yesterday with the initial launch of the website. It takes place from Sept 29 to October 1 in Leiden, The Netherlands (same city as last year), which is just a short train ride from the Amsterdam Schiphol airport.

The conference will feature a new venue and a refreshed list of speakers (I’ve long said that Greg Salt is the quiet master of all things EE and I’m glad to see him listed as a speaker). Also different is that lack of a CodeIgniter track. EECI has always been heavy on the EE (in terms of content and attendees) but now it seems the CodeIgniter piece is gone altogether.

On the site, Robert noted:

You CodeIgniter lot are an astute bunch, so you have probably noticed there is no separate CI track this time. There will of course still be plenty of CodeIgnited talk, but it will all be ExpressionEngine related. If that’s just not enough CI for you, there is the 100% CodeIgniter-only conference “CICON2010” in Britstol, UK this August, with some more fantastic speakers.

From what I can gather the first two days will be the standard conference lineup and then on day 3 there’s something called DevDay:

On Friday October 1st we’ll have a 12-hour DevDay planned for you. A team of highly experienced coders and designers will guide you on this day whilst developing stuff for EE. In between we have small sessions that will cover specific topics. Of course we won’t forget to feed you and serve you some drinks.

Looking forward to hearing more about DevDay!

Tickets for the conference are now on sale at an early bird pice. There is the option to do the conference only or the conference plus the DevDay.


Posted on Jun 17, 2010 by Ryan Irelan

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