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EECI 2010: ExpressionEngine, Entrepreneurship & Economics

On the first full conference day, Adii Pienaar gave a one hour talk on economics, entrepreneurship and making money in the world of ExpressionEngine. Adii is relatively new to EE so it was interesting to hear his take and observations.

Here are his slides:

Posted on Jun 07, 2010 by Ryan Irelan

Filed Under: Conferences, EECI 2010, E-commerce

Emmanuel06:51 on 06.07.2010

I remember very well the “thumbs down” (at least) or the harsh comments (at most) of the EE community when WooThemes released their first EE themes.

Surprisingly, I am absolutely convinced that a market segment (should I say a “niche”?) exists for newbies to EE (regarding to developpers) or for companies just wanting to jump start their web visibility.

Why a niche? because right now only WooThemes and Marcus’s EETemplates sells ready-to-use templates that includes both a simple design AND a good but simple set of EE tags.

Think : is it really “this” easy to transform a simple web design into a fully functionnal blog powered by EE? NOPE!  Barriers to entries are “for real” for some people or companies out there.

What do you think? is there a slowly growing market for pre-build themes? do you plan on releasing some? do you prefer to protect your work or your income by tailoring designs and developments to specific needs?

ramonekalsaw12:06 on 06.08.2010

As an entrepreneur/writer with minimal web dev/designs skills I’m in the market for well-designed, pre-styled templates that I can grow into. Adii’s offerings look very interesting to me.