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EE 2.0 Release Date

At EECI 2009, EllisLab annoucned that ExpressionEngine 2.0 will be released on December 1, 2009.

Posted on Oct 21, 2009 by Ryan Irelan

Filed Under: Conferences, EECI 2009

John Hoysa05:09 on 10.22.2009

Very excited, now I know what to ask for as a birthday present!

Leroy Lyne | for the kids13:47 on 10.22.2009

Hey Ryan, do you have any plans to create some tutorials with 2.0 features. As a person running a web store and still holding a job, I’m depending on your to provide some videos. I credit your videos for everything I have done with expression engine.

Luke Dorny20:55 on 10.22.2009

I for 1 welcome our new 2.0 overlords.

Shawn Grimes21:11 on 10.22.2009

Looking forward to finally getting to check 2.0 out.

KJ04:18 on 10.23.2009

This news makes me so happy.

Mark Wu05:10 on 10.23.2009

Dammit, off on hols on the 1st. Will have to cancel the flight and stay in instead.