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Learn ExpressionEngine Today

Over a series of 8 videos, watch and learn as Ryan builds an entire ExpressionEngine website from beginning to end. Get started now.

EE 2 Screencasts Available

Today I launched a brand new site, Mijingo and the new ExpressionEngine 2 Screencasts. screenshot

Mijingo is the new home for my training materials (minus the ExpressionEngine book, which is still available from my awesome publisher) and those of future authors at Mijingo.

Learning ExpressionEngine 2

That’s the title for the new series of screencasts on ExpressionEngine 2. They’re beginner-level screencasts that walk you through, step-by-step, how to build a basic website in ExpressionEngine 2. The sample site we build this time is for Channel University. Is it real? No. But fake schools need websites, too!

This series is 8 episodes and runs more than 4 hours. I went through the first series and distilled it down to only the most vital information needed to get up and running with EE 2.

If you’re looking for more advanced material, don’t worry, all of that will be coming soon!

Learn more: ExpressionEngine 2 Screencasts


Posted on Aug 17, 2010 by Ryan Irelan

Filed Under: ExpressionEngine 2, News, Training

AJP07:28 on 08.17.2010

Just wanted to make sure that these are a full new series of screencasts right? New costs, no “upgrades”. I’m asking for a friend of course wink

Ryan Irelan07:33 on 08.17.2010

Good question! smile

These are brand new screencasts and there isn’t an upgrade from the old ones (similar to how new editions of books don’t have upgrades).

They cover the same process of building a site in EE but more refined and using EE 2.

Fabian07:41 on 08.17.2010

Nice looking website Ryan. I’m looking forward going through the screencasts.

Downloading the code was a pain as you have to download each chapter separately, and when you unzip them they all have the same name (template). So you end up with template, template1, etc.

Ryan Irelan08:14 on 08.17.2010

Thanks for the feedback on the code download, Fabian. I will fix that make it easier to download all at once and with better names. Sorry about that!

Batdelfuego16:14 on 08.17.2010

Sweet new site design Ryan! Clean and professional!
I’m glad to see your screencasts are back for EE2.

I was a big fan of your first ones and I’ll definitely take a look at these ones too!

For those wondering if you should get Ryan’s screencasts I say: DO IT! If you are new to EE you will learn so much and if you are not so new too EE you’ll still learn great tips and tricks! 48$ is a steal for so much information!

runaway11:46 on 08.18.2010

thanks, about the installation:

the optional modules… later the installation is possible install or uninstall… that modules? right? like the 1.0 or if I dont select “pages” in the installation later I cant install?

confused, for me dont make sense put modules install in the installation…

Ryan Irelan11:57 on 08.18.2010

runaway, it’s just like EE 1 where you can install and uninstall modules at will through the control panel. So, if you don’t need to install Pages now but want to later, you can definitely do that.

Kemar18:05 on 08.25.2010


I was wondering if this is the same of better than the Engine City Times E-Book for EE2 at

runaway18:39 on 08.25.2010

thanks Ryan,

question: no more videos for ExpressionEngine Techniques? for engine city times?