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Custom Bookmarklets for ExpressionEngine 2

I feel like this is something I should have known about by now. Either that, or I knew about it all along and just forgot. Did you know that ExpressionEngine 2 has the handy ability to create a bookmarklet for you to quickly and easily get an entry started? Well Wouter Vervloet did, and he blogged about it in his post Rapid content entry in ExpressionEngine 2.

You can create the bookmark based on which channel you want to post to and which custom field you want it to use. This makes a handy companion to Andy Johnson’s How to Build a Simple Tumblr Blog with ExpressionEngine.

Read Wouter’s post on this nice little gem, complete with screenshots and instructions for setting it up.

Posted on Dec 15, 2010 by Brian Warren

Filed Under: Blogging, ExpressionEngine 2