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CE Image Provides Extensive Image Manipulation for ExpressionEngine

CE Image is a pretty amazing plugin that lets you do an extensive amount of image manipulation directly from the plugin tag. Not only can you crop and resize the image, but you can apply water marks, use filters, rotate, flip, reflect images, and a whole lot more.

Here are a couple examples of some of the cool stuff you can do: Want to make your image greyscale? Just add the parameter filter=“grayscale”. Want rounded corners? Try: rounded_corners=“all,10”. Turn your image into colorful ASCII art? Why not: ascii_art=“yes”. I’m barely scratching the surface here.

The possibilities for a plugin like this are myriad. For instance, I could see having a custom field or two in publish form to let authors upload a photo and choose which filter, size, or other parameters. Then, on the template side, you have CE Image take the results from those fields to give you customized photos on a per-entry basis.

CE Image looks very handy. Not only is it a powerful plugin but the documentation looks top notch, and the price is crazy cheap: Just $8, either from Causing Effect or Devot:ee.

Posted on Jan 31, 2011 by Brian Warren

Filed Under: EE Add-ons, EE Plugins

Causing Effect11:27 on 01.31.2011

Thanks for the write-up Brian! I am thrilled with how well the plugin and documentation have been received. I have put a lot of hard work into both!

I just wanted to expand on your point for the possibilities of extending the plugin through the usage of custom fields. Stephen McIver (@sm9)sent me an email a few weeks back showing how he integrated the plugin with Low Variables to allow a client to customize watermarks for their photography website. I was very impressed and wanted to share the screenshot he sent me:

Mv12:05 on 01.31.2011

Causing Effect, the plugin looks great! We’ve been developing something similar in-house, but you beet us to it. Does everything we needed and a little more. Plus the extensive documentation.. I predict that at $8 it will be a popular download.

Causing Effect16:44 on 01.31.2011

Thanks for the kind words Mv! I am glad you like it and that it suits your needs. We also offer support through the Devot:ee forums if you (or anyone else) ever needs help or advice on getting everything working. smile

Paul Frost18:53 on 01.31.2011

A big plus point for this plugin is the excellent support and documentation.

The two original resizer plugins were a bit lacking in support and there have been many posts in the forums asking for help with broken installs.

pablo14:43 on 02.01.2011

This looks amazing, great job Causing Effect!