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Build a Portfolio with ExpressionEngine Tutorial

Back in March I posted about my beginners ExpressionEngine article in the May print issue of Net Magazine. The article is a guide to building a simple portfolio website with ExpressionEngine. My description of the article:

The article is definitely aimed at people newer to EE, who are looking for a real-world application of this ExpressionEngine CMS they’ve heard so much about. It includes all of the template code and assets you need to build the simple site on your own. But there’s certainly something there for everyone, even if you wanted to reaffirm how you approach building EE sites.

Up until now you could only get the article by buying a print copy or their digital version of the magazine, which is only available through Zinio. Today Net Magazine graciously published the article on their website for everyone to enjoy.

Screenshot of Net Magazine ExpressionEngine How-To Article

As web workers, we need to have a portfolio that puts on display our website designs and development projects. One of the best CMSes for handling this type of content is ExpressionEngine 2. Its flexible data containers (‘channels’) and customisable input fields enable you to use it to power just about any data-driven website.

For old hands at ExpressionEngine, this article won’t do much for you, but if you’re new to EE you might find it helpful. The project includes all of the templates and assets you need to follow along as you build the portfolio site in ExpressionEngine.

Read the entire article: Build a portfolio with ExpressionEngine

Posted on Aug 11, 2011 by Ryan Irelan

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