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Boyink on Failed Projects

Mike Boyink explored on the consequences and challenges of taking on a “failed project.” This isn’t a project that you take on and somehow it doesn’t work out. This is picking up the scraps of someone else’s failed project and fixing it. That, in two words, is tough work.

Mike says he receives a lot of emails asking for help on failed projects:

Over the years I’ve responded differently, from simple one-line “no thanks” to more involved responses declining the work. I thought I’d write up a more detailed blog post both to record my thought process in responding and as way to have a link to send out in the future when these requests come in.

Lots of great advice in the article, especially about increased costs. I’d recommend you charge a higher hourly (or project) rate for these types of projects simply because they’re riskier and, as Mike points out, more difficult to assess.

Read Mike’s entire article: Taking On a Failed Project

Posted on Jan 02, 2012 by Ryan Irelan

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