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Boyink on EE Developer Training Class

Mike Boyink wrote up his thoughts on the Train-ee EE developer class that Erik Reagan taught earlier this month in Phoenix, AZ. Mike sat in on the class and came away with this:

One of the things I’ve always liked about working with ExpressionEngine is that I don’t ever feel like I’m done learning it. New addons aside, there are always interesting new ways to string together it’s native functionality to either solve new puzzles or better solve old puzzles.

But in my years with EE I’ve played mostly at the EE template level, only once in a while looking at ways to tweak addons to do what I needed. I was probably bringing up the rear of the short-bus in terms of existing PHP skills to build on, but after taking this class I have a much better understanding of the various files that comprise addons and the courage & direction to start poking around in them to tweak & learn more. I will also be much more confident in being able to scope out and specify custom addons for client projects.

Overall though? I came away with a newfound respect for the EE developer community. I’ve been in and around the software and web world for over 15 years now and am ever amazed at the skillz you folks have.

Read Mike’s entire write-up on the class: A Student, A Host, A Business Owner

Posted on Apr 15, 2011 by Ryan Irelan

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