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Ask the Readers: EE Conferences

Ask the Readers In the past seven days there have been no less than two conferences devoted to ExpressionEngine: ExpressionEngine Camp in Denver and Engine Summit 2. And less than a month ago EECI took place.

ExpressionEngine has a thriving community who doesn’t seem to hesitate to organize conferences, big and small, in person or online. My question for you today is actually three questions: Have you ever been to an ExpressionEngine conference? Do you prefer one conference style over another? Do you have plans to attend any in 2011?

Posted on Oct 27, 2010 by Brian Warren

Filed Under: Ask the Readers

Erik Reagan08:26 on 10.27.2010

I’ll always prefer the in-person conferences. I’m probably not alone in saying that my main purpose for attending one isn’t to learn. It’s to hang out with friends, meet new friends and maybe a tad bit of that thing called networking. Learning is a convenient addition.

I do like that online conferences exist though. I just think they need to compete better pricing-wise. *ahem*

I’m looking forward to EECI next October!

Philip Zaengle10:08 on 10.27.2010

Totally agree with Erik, the primary value of conferences for me is getting together with other developers. While the conference sessions provide great (and sometimes controversial) conversation topics I always leaving feeling like I’ve learned more from conversations with other devs.

Really looking forward to EECI NYC!

Euan11:08 on 10.27.2010

My preference would be in person conferences. I think the online conferences need to be more cost competitive.

With EECI I would prefer to see it from Thur-Sat instead of Wed-Fri.

AS EE is not my bread and butter it becomes significantly more expensive travelling as I have additional costs because I can’t get cheap flights from Europe unless I stay on a Saturday night and fly home Sunday.

flights09:34 on 11.09.2010

I haven’t attended any expression engines conference but I would to attend someday.