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Ask the Readers: Will you upgrade now?

Ask the ReadersA lot of people have said that they are waiting for such and such add-ons or the final release of EE 2 before they upgrade. Well, most of the popular add-ons have been ported to EE 2 and the final release of EE 2 is here.

Now that you’ve had time to wait it out, we’d like to know: will you be moving to ExpressionEngine 2 for your websites?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Posted on Jul 13, 2010 by Ryan Irelan

Filed Under: Ask the Readers

Lodewijk Schutte04:13 on 07.13.2010

I’ll be using EE2 for new projects. I’ll only upgrade existing sites if the client really wants to.

Brandon Livengood04:20 on 07.13.2010

Yes, I will be upgrading plus trying to get at least 90% or more of my clients to upgrade as well. Would be nice to have everyone running 2.0.

Erik Reagan04:46 on 07.13.2010

We’re in the same boat as Low. New sites will be built in EE2 but our existing 1.x sites will only be upgraded is it’s *really* desired by the client or required by spec.

Kevin Barr04:52 on 07.13.2010

Yes. I’ve been waiting for 2.1 and now that it’s here I’ll be doing all new development on 2.1. No plans to upgrade existing sites, though.

Neil04:53 on 07.13.2010

Client upgrades are driven by need and money. If they need a new feature, facility or benefit and that outweighs cost then yes.
Other than that 1.x will stay and new builds on 2.0

Geoff Cowan05:06 on 07.13.2010

New projects on EE2.X, I doubt many existing sites of ours will *need* upgrading, only if clients need a new feature (probably from an EE2 only addon), or want the shiny new CP wink


chris05:11 on 07.13.2010

We’ve been developing on 2.x Beta, so I see upgrades to 2.1 in the near future to eliminate a few bugs

Timo Kuhn05:27 on 07.13.2010

I really wish there was still a free version of ee 2. I deal with very small projects/clients and $300 is a hard sell sometimes.

That being said, I’ll do my best to convince them.

Stephen McIver05:33 on 07.13.2010

I’d like to use EE2 on all new projects from now on - I just see it as the way forward from now on. I think all the main addons have now been ported over (though I’m eagerly awaiting CartThrob for EE2).

The main question mark I have about EE2 at the moment is SAEF support - I don’t think it’s quite on a par with EE1 yet, and I didn’t see any mention of improved SAEF support in the EE2.1 changelog.

I hope upcoming builds address this though - in the meantime, I’ll be relying on this core hack for upcoming EE2 projects I think:

Liam Fitzgerald05:44 on 07.13.2010

New sites will be built with 2.1 - as we don’t really have a choice, no 1.6 licenses are being sold as of now.

No plans to upgrade existing sites unless clients request redesigns or additional features. And will of course depend on all of my favourite add-ons being available for 2.1

Not really happy with the way that EllisLabs “nuked” all of the 1.6 specific content from the site without providing redirects etc. It takes some digging to find the EE docs for 1.6

Here they are for anybody who is lost:

However as the search is powered by Google it no longer has an index of the content and does not work. : (

Chris06:19 on 07.13.2010

Liam - When you purchase a 2.x license, you have the option to download 1.x as well.

Steven Grant06:29 on 07.13.2010

I considered upgrading my own site but quickly worked out that the Freelancer licence wouldn’t suit my own site because it needs the member module for my ticket tracker.

The only site that will perhaps get migrated is my own church site, the rest will stay as is and new projects will of course be EE2.

Morry06:33 on 07.13.2010

Will be getting a developer copy to test. Then new sites will be done on 2.0. Existing sites will remain on 1.6.9

J06:34 on 07.13.2010

New sites in EE2 definitely.

Working as a member of an internal web team, I actually might get the opportunity to convert a few EE1 websites to EE2.

JohnM06:35 on 07.13.2010

Afraid SAEF not supporting custom fields is a show stopper for me. Won’t be thinking of moving until that major issue (for many devs) is done and dusted.

I know eMarketSouth have posted a workaround (thanks Ty) but that involves hacking the core which goes against the grain imho.

Mike Maddaloni - @thehotiron07:13 on 07.13.2010

My priority will be new sites and clients will go on EE2, providing the add-ons and modules are available!

At some point, I will transition some older sites over, but more driven by the business.


bluedreamer08:03 on 07.13.2010

I’ll be using 2.x on new sites so long as all required addons are available. Existing 1.6 sites will only be upgraded if absolutely needed at this time, though there will come a point where upgrading will probably become a necessity.

Mark Terpstra08:25 on 07.13.2010

I’m waiting for Solspace to release EE2-compatible versions of Super Search, Template Morsels, and other addons we use quite a bit.

John Faulds12:06 on 07.13.2010

As most others have said, I won’t be upgrading old sites to 2.x unless requested. I will be using 2.x at some point, but I’m in no rush and plan to purchase 2.x licences but use 1.6.9 instead for a little while. Just got to wait for the right project to come up to make the move (i.e. an easy one wink

Samuel Allen14:08 on 07.13.2010

I’m updating now.

Steve16:27 on 07.13.2010

As others have mentioned, the lack of SAEF (the edit variety) is a showstopper for many users, myself included. If a site doesn’t use SAEF’s I’ll go 2.1. If it does, well, the only option is 1.6.9.

Nicolas Bottari19:31 on 07.13.2010

The future is now! New sites will be on EE2 unless a crucial addon is not available. Old sites will remain on 1.x unless an upgrade is requested from the client. Pretty much what the others above are saying.

Upgrading doesn’t always go smoothly on multilingual sites, though (if you know what mojibake means, you know what I’m talking about), but it doesn’t mean it’s not possible.

I have to agree a bit with Timo, though: 300$ + a handful of commercial addons + online shop solution can get pricey for very small clients that only want to set up a small shop online. However, I’m sure EE can save me 300$ in development time smile

Maybe have EE 1.x as abandonware once it’s not supported anymore?

Liam Fitzgerald23:59 on 07.13.2010


Thanks for that information. I think I heard about that a while back but have since forgotten it and I think a lot of useful information is buried on the new site.

BridgingUnit06:44 on 07.14.2010

Working on an EE2.1 site now.

Other new sites will be 2.x unless an addon or functionality (like SAEF already menioned) is an issue, then it’ll be 1.x.

Existing 1.x sites will be upgraded asap, again providing that’s possible given their requirements.

runaway15:24 on 07.19.2010

I want wait some time for some add ons not compatible yet with ee 2 and a personal opinion:

ee2 dont looks better than ee1, but obvious ee2 works better I think it depends…