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Brandon Kelly’s Editor Extension

Like many of the EE add-ons people create, Brandon Kelly found himself in need of an extension that would automatically place small edit buttons next to every entry on the front-end of his newly launched personal website.

Editor is a free extension (donations accepted) that makes editing entries a little easier. We also did something similar in the video tutorial Preparing Sites for Clients, but without an extension.

Once Editor is installed and activated, you should be good to go. Simply view your website while logged in with an account that has editing privileges, and the edit buttons will automagically appear.

Here’s what Brandon says about it:

I’ve never been a big fan of ExpressionEngine’s Edit index. (Or any other CMS’s version of the page, for that matter.) The workflow just seems strange to me. You generally start off at your website, looking at the entry you decide to edit, and then you have to hunt for that same entry within the CMS before you can touch it.

This should be a great extension for people looking to make site content editing easier.

Posted on Jan 05, 2009 by Ryan Irelan

Filed Under: EE Add-ons, EE Extensions, Software

luxuryluke06:02 on 01.05.2009

This is awesome.
Another extension that should be standard.

Ryan Irelan06:07 on 01.05.2009

Totally agree, Luke. Would be great if EE 2.0 has this type of functionality out of the box.

e-man07:39 on 01.05.2009

Just wanted to say congrats on launching the site! Good work and looking forward to coming articles…

Ryan Irelan08:08 on 01.05.2009

Thanks, e-man!

Sean01:25 on 01.06.2009

Ryan another outstanding site - looking forward to following this site.