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Everything you need to know about creating relationships between entries.

A Primer on Relationships (with EE)

It’s about time we got serious and defined this relationship.  You know the one where we pair a couple of ExpressionEngine entries together like an eHarmony match made in nerd heaven.  If you’ve never dabbled in the ways of Cupid, then it’s time you learn.  Relationships or Related Entries in ExpressionEngine are a simple and powerful way to reuse existing data and avoid the ultimate no-no: duplicate data.

One of the best bits of advice that I received as a young developer was to make sure that my data was only in the database once.  Database optimization, only editing data in one place, the reasons go on and on, and are perhaps best saved for an article in _DBA’s Rule The World_ magazine.  What about us EE users though?  How can we be cautious about duplicate data by taking advantage of EE Relationships? How does it benefit us, and more importantly our end users?

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